Knitted together by God, every child is precious. But poverty robs children of a full future. And during this global pandemic, children are more at risk than ever.

Children are missing out on school

Childhood marriage is on the rise

Children are more vulnerable to spending the rest of their lives in poverty


Flower and her family live in Cambodia, where the civil war cost Flower’s parents their education. They never finished school… but they want so much more for their own children.

For little girls like Flower, your generous Christmas gifts mean the fullness of life God intends. It means a safe place for Flower to learn about important things like keeping her hands free from germs. It means training and livelihoods support for her mum and dad… so they can afford to send Flower to school. It means an end to the cycle of poverty.

“I have so much more hope for the future,” says Flower’s dad.


Thank you for giving generously.