On Friday 28 September, a devastating tsunami struck the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It was triggered by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, which itself caused areas of earth on the island to destabilise… and suck an entire village into the ground.

Waves 3-metres high hit Sulawesi at speeds of 800km/per hour, killing more than 2,000 children, women, and men. But with so many people buried beneath the earth, it’s likely that the true extent of this disaster might never be known.

For survivors, it’s now a race against the clock.

In the days after the disaster, search parties and rescue teams worked around the clock to pull people from amongst the debris and rubble… but without the provision of relief or emergency supplies, these efforts could be in vain.

Your grief-stricken neighbours in Indonesia need your urgent support to survive. Families have been torn apart and left with nothing. They have no means to stay alive.

After a disaster of this scale, the risk of disease outbreak is high. Your support is urgently needed to help provide emergency relief, or the health of tsunami survivors will rapidly deteriorate.

Today, your generous gift means urgent relief for tsunami survivors in Indonesia. It means emergency food rations, clean drinking, and shelter for people who have nothing left.

Give now to help save lives.

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7.5 magnitude earthquake triggers a tsunami in Sulawesi

As with the response to the Lombok earthquakes in Indonesia in August 2018, your Baptist World Aid disaster specialists are taking a leadership role in Sulawesi – coordinating the efforts of our Baptist partners on the ground and their wise use of your generous emergency relief.

Partner field staff have been working in the disaster zone since week one. Having determined the most urgent needs, they are now distributing emergency relief to affected families… and the need is enormous.

That’s why Baptist World Aid has made the decision to increase the Sulawesi Tsunami Appeal target to $300,000… so you can help support even more of this life-saving work. Please give generously.

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Updated: 11 October 2018