Stand Together

Now is the time to stand together. Please give generously to help stop the rapid spread of coronavirus in vulnerable communities overseas.

Give now. Stand together.
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The situation

Through this global coronavirus emergency, our world is hurting. As followers of Christ, it’s time to stand together.

In the face of these challenges, we need to act urgently… and on a larger scale than ever before.

It’s time to stand together with Baptist World Aid and vulnerable families living in poverty across the world to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus. Your generous gift will save lives during this global emergency.

Give now to save lives

How you’re helping

Your generous gift will help fund an urgent emergency response to protect vulnerable refugees from coronavirus. It means vital work in Lebanon, on the Syrian border, as well as in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Both are high risk regions, crowded with vulnerable refugee families living in closely confined quarters.

Your generous gift also means existing Christian partners can receive small grants to help with the following:

  • Materials to tell children, women, and men living in poverty about the great importance of thoroughly washing their hands… to keep them safe from coronavirus.
  • Water and water sources for communities who currently have none… so they can their hands stay clean from germs.
  • And protective equipment so that frontline workers can keep safe from coronavirus and caring for those who are sick.

Yes! I want to help save lives!

What you need to know

Good Hygiene
Help families learn about the importance of good hygiene… and stop the rapid spread of coronavirus.
Clean Water
Help provide clean water for communities who have none, to help lower the risk of coronavirus.
Protective Gear
Help provide protective gear so frontline workers can stay safe helping the most vulnerable.
Be Generous

Thank you for standing with us against coronavirus. Your vital gift will save lives.

Hygiene kits distribution to partners_Nazarene

can give 1,500 protective gloves to five health clinics near the Syria-Lebanon border.

Fever clinic

can give 50 frontline workers quality face masks to protect them from coronavirus.


can pay a month’s wages for an emergency health worker helping to stop the sickness from spreading.


or call 1300 789 991