$50,000 funding gap… will you help?

Mani, Durga’s daughter, is one of many children living in a rural community in Dhading, Nepal.

She knows what it’s like to be hungry when your home garden only produces food for half the year. And when you have scarce funds to buy food from the market… which involves a tough hike through steep terrain, where the danger of falling rocks is very real.

She knows what’s like to be so poor that buying food means you stop going to school. Because there’s not enough money to both eat and be educated. So your future job opportunities are at risk.

And she knows what it’s like when the two biggest earthquakes for decades hit your community, destroying half your home and leaving your family and friends homeless and destitute.

For children like Mani, their futures depend on your help. We urgently need $50,000 to fill a funding gap for the Rural Children of Nepal Project.

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You help fight the root causes of poverty

The Rural Children of Nepal Project is about tackling the root causes of poverty.

Like the lack of stable livelihoods or jobs in rural areas. The lack of education. And the difficulties of surviving an emergency when you’re already poor.

All of these combine to make it very hard for children like Mani to ever escape poverty. But her mother joined a self-reliance group that changed their lives.

“After being in the group, we learned about goat keeping and making fertilisers. The money we earn from farming and goat rearing is used for our children’s education so we don’t have to depend on others. We also use it to buy salt, oil and clothes.”

The community formed through the group was also better able to support each other after the earthquakes flattened their homes.

“Because of the earthquakes, our house fell down… After the earthquake, we received rice and dahl, oil, sugar and tent support.”

The community is now focused on the post-quake work of rebuilding homes and roads. And classrooms so children can continue their schooling.