Since June, monsoon rains, combined with melting glaciers, have created catastrophic flooding that’s killed over 1,400 people and affected 33 million people in Pakistan. Your help is urgently needed.


The death toll rises daily. Children are being separated from their parents. Crops and livestock are being destroyed. Homes, schools, and whole villages are crumbling under the intensity of the flood waters. Almost a third of the country is underwater. But you can help provide food and shelter for vulnerable families and children, and rebuild communities once the emergency response is over.

Your gift today can provide much needed emergency assistance in the form of:

  • Food rations that can sustain hungry families
  • Access to emergency shelters that can provide a roof over the heads of displaced people, and
  • Mosquito nets that protect families from the danger of disease.

‘The human toll is unimaginable in every way,’ Laura Fontaine, Baptist World Aid’s International Program Manager, said. ‘Pakistan needs our prayers and our coordinated help to bring immediate relief and begin the difficult but crucial work of long-term recovery.’

With a gift today, you can help bring much needed immediate relief in the short term, and support the crucial ongoing work of rebuilding in the long term. Please donate today. Thank you!