For more than a decade, at conferences across Australia, women have been generously supporting children, families and communities living in poverty around the world… and making a real difference!

Thank you! Your generosity has changed the lives of thousands of people in some of the poorest parts of the world.

You’ve fed hungry bellies. You’ve put clothes on their backs. You’ve enabled eager minds to go to school. And you’ve provided sustainable livelihoods for their families too. Now, as we celebrate our partnership and combined impact, we continue to learn from our experience and together look to the future.

Together, as His hands and feet, we are powerful. As a woman who seeks to love and serve God with all of your heart, partnering with Baptist World Aid is your opportunity to step into God’s vision for restoration and redemption for this broken world. This year, our focus is on Nepal. By giving generously, you are equipping children, youth and families in Nepal to drive long-lasting change for their whole community.

Will you mobilise the next generation in Nepal by joining us as a Founding Partner?

Let your faith radiate love, and bring new opportunities and hope to the lives of precious children… so they can grow up free from heartbreaking poverty. Together we can pull down barriers of poverty, and throw open doors to a brighter and more vibrant future for children like Sima* and their communities.