When her home was bombed, Amyra and her four children escaped Syria with their lives. They fled across the border to Lebanon… but now they face a new threat.

Right now, temperatures in Lebanon are falling. It gets as low as -5 degrees Celsius. Without shelter, clothing, and heating, how will Syrian refugee families like Amyra’s survive?

Give now. Save lives.

The government in Lebanon does not allow formal UN refugee camps for Syrians. So Amyra, and others like her, must fend for themselves. A task which is hard enough at the best of times… let alone in the deathly cold of winter.

In the face of subzero temperatures, it is up to Amyra, alone, to keep her children alive. Her husband is still trapped in Syria.

Many refugees live in shelters from wood or plastic sheeting – poor protection from subzero temperatures. Others rent rooms little more than uninsulated boxes – offering little reprieve from freezing conditions.

The reality is, that children, women and men might die without help from people like you.

Your church partners in Lebanon are working hard to distribute crisis winter items like blankets and warm clothing to families like Amyra’s. But these brothers and sisters in Christ urgently need your help.

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By donating today, you protect the vulnerable from sickness and death. Thank you for showing Christ’s compassion to these vulnerable refugee families.