In 2011 widespread protests against the regime of Bashar Al Assad erupted in Syria.

The Assad Government responded with a violent series of crackdowns igniting a destructive civil war. Fighting between opposing groups continues today in places, like Aleppo, with devastating consequences for ordinary men, women and children.

After six years of fighting, more than 6 million people have fled their homes and are displaced in Syria. They arrive at internally displaced camps or informal settlements in desperate need of a safe place to sleep, clean water, medical care, and protection from the freezing cold weather.

Another 4.8 million people have been able to make it out of Syria, but often leaving without being able to take anything with them… no food, no spare clothing, no money.

The UN has reported that many of those in need are young children.

These children have witnessed terrible acts of brutality and have been uprooted from their homes, their schools and their lives.

IRAQ and the Mosul Offensive

Islamic State (ISIL) began taking siege of major cities in Iraq in 2014, growing its stronghold in the region. Sadly, as the Iraqi Government and its allies fight to reclaim the nation, civilians are caught in the crossfire.

On 17 October 2016, the Prime Minister of Iraq announced a military offensive to recapture Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, from the control of ISIL. Roads have been blocked, bridges blown up, and ISIL are targeting the houses of families attempting to flee… but remaining in the city could prove just as deadly.

About 100,000 people have now been displaced and there are growing concerns of food and water shortages for recaptured regions.

Baptist World Aid has been providing life-saving relief to internally displaced people in Iraq through our field partners in the region since 2014.

Our Response

In Iraq, with your generous support, we are providing life-saving, emergency relief for the most vulnerable, internally displaced refugee families.

In addition to treating patients, mobile medical clinics are ready to distribute shelter kits and water and sanitation kits to conflict-affected families within 48-hours of them being identified. And as the weather grows deadly cold, our field partners have begun to distribute relief kits that include heaters and blankets to protect families from winter.

In Lebanon, your generosity also means healthcare and support for Syrian refugee families. Your gift will also give children the chance of finding a childhood amidst war, violence and upheaval by helping to fund informal education facilities. Your gift gives Syrian refugee children safe places to meet, learn and play.

Give now and respond to one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history.

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