Refugee Children Are Missing Out  

Around the world, millions of children are missing out on school because they were born in an unsafe place at an unsafe time. In fact, 3.7 million children are missing from classrooms due to crisis and conflict. And refugee children are five times more likely than others to miss out on school, while only 34 per cent make it to secondary school.  


When you donate to the Let Them Learn appeal, your money will go to community development projects helping our Christian Partners deliver services and provide support to families held back by poverty and conflict.  

Community development includes: 

  • All training and seeds so rural families can grow their income and afford nutrition and education for their children; 
  • Clean water sources for the community, or hygiene training so children can protect themselves from disease; and 
  • The Education Centre run by our Partner in Lebanon.
Your gift supports people with resources, training, and support so they can take the lead in community-driven solutions that address the root causes of poverty.