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Veronica knows what it’s like to be weighed down by poverty.

“The biggest challenges for the family were lack of food for children, no money for school fees and lack of water. Everything was a problem for the family…”

But as she prays, she finds comfort in the knowledge that God is with her.

Veronica says: I was always in prayer and this gave me hope in life. I believed one day through the help of the Lord a miracle would happen in my life and my family.”

And Veronica is desperate for a miracle… not just for her life but also for her eldest child, Tomas*. Due to a lack of nutritious food, Tomas showed signs of severe malnutrition.

Please consider giving a gift today to bless families like Veronica’s… Your generosity can save the lives of children like her son, Tomas!

Left untreated, Tomas could have suffered long-term physical and mental problems. He could even have died… but with your action today, you can make lasting changes in the lives of families like Veronica’s.

God bless you for your generous and faithful support.

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