As a Growth Giver, you are a leader. You are an inspiration. You are a blessing!

When you give, others are inspired to give as well. This means more funds to sow into the lives of the desperately poor… like Flower and her family in Cambodia.

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Before she was born, Flower’s parents had been duped by unscrupulous people. With the promise of free land, they packed up their belongings and made the long journey north. But when they arrived, they found the land was much smaller than expected. Worse, it was unfarmable. And it was not free. They had to pay a crippling sum, forcing them into poverty.

But, as a Growth Giver, not only will your gift to the Christmas Matching Fund inspire other supporters to give… you will help families like Flower’s with livelihood training, small business loans and village support groups. And this is more important than ever as covid has left many families without a livelihood!

You will also help children and families with handwashing and other hygiene training. This reduces the spread of covid and keeps families safe.

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Thank you, your gift will grow as you inspire others to give… or give that bit extra this Christmas.