As a Growth Giver, your gift to the Christmas Matching Fund helps to grow the livelihoods of families like Michael’s.

Consider his situation. Growing up in poverty. Left unable to walk due to a bone infection his parents couldn’t afford to treat.

Missing out on school because he couldn’t get there due to his disability. And even if he could make the distance to school, there was no money to pay for school fees, books or uniforms.

Now Michael has a family of his own. But with his disabled leg, he’s unable to work. His wife, Immaculate, has to do all the hard manual labour… but never earns enough to feed their three children including a baby.

God sees the struggle of Michael, and others like him. They desperately need a viable way to grow their income so they can provide for their families.

That’s why we need people like you to help!

We know people are more likely to donate—or even donate more—when their gifts can be matched.

Your gift will grow because you will inspire others to give, or give that bit extra, because their donations will be DOUBLED up to the amount that you and others have donated to the Christmas Matching Fund.