Winters are especially hard for our most vulnerable international neighbours.  

Syrian refugees camped in tents and makeshift housing, just inside the Lebanese border, are existing on one meal a day, and wondering how they will survive the next cold snap with no fuel for heating. Snowstorms tear down their roofs, and children are sleeping on bare floors with no mattresses or blankets.

The local churches are doing everything they can to help, but your support is needed urgently. 

Will you help your neighbour?


The story of Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 teaches us what love looks like when a neighbour is in crisis—sacrificial love and without prejudice.  

Our neighbours are in crisis.  

Wajdah and her husband fled from Syria when the war destroyed their home. They arrived in a displaced people’s camp in Lebanon with nine children and little else.  As refugees, they were entitled to only limited support. It wasn’t nearly enough to take care of their family, especially with the economic disaster unfolding.

Wajdah said, ‘I would need the salary of an entire month just to buy a bottle of oil.’ 

Our local Partner, working with the local Lebanese Christian churches, stepped in to be neighbours. Wajdah received insulation for her tent, food, blankets, warm clothes, education for her children and kind pastoral care. She has developed friendships with others living in the camp, and also with the Christians who have come to be such a strong support to the community of displaced people in Lebanon.  

Will you stand with our local Partners as they love their neighbours in Lebanon and wherever our neighbours are in critical need?