An Ethiopian woman, Sundabi Hamda, stands against the backdrop of drought stricken Eastern Africa

Sendabie Hamda is 55 years old. She and her children live in Oromia, in one of the most drought affected areas of Ethiopia.

Drought is a slow onset disaster that impacts every facet of human life. Without water, livelihoods evaporate as feed becomes scarce and livestock dies. Without water, crops fail and food sources dry up.

The people who live in Oromia are no strangers to drought, but this is the worst drought that Ethiopia has experienced in 50 years.

“Except for a few days’ shower of rain,” says Sendabie, “there was no rain at all.”

And there certainly hasn’t been enough water to grow crops or water the cattle, necessary for her family’s survival.

“The ponds are dried up,” says Sendabie, “and we are forced to herd our cattle for hours.”

Worse still, her access to drinking water, the pump in her village, has been stuck for months.

That’s why we’re acting now.

Baptist World Aid Australia has already committed $30,000 from our Disaster Action Fund toward drought relief efforts in East Africa (with a particular focus on Oromia). But $30,000 only supports a limited amount of this life-saving work.

We are hoping to raise a further $100,000 to send straight to the most drought affected communities. Will you help us reach our goal of $100,000 so we can save even more lives?

Yes! I want to be love to families like Sendabie’s