Covid affects us all… but it’s not affecting us equally. That’s why your generosity is being used to fund urgently needed Covid-response work in countries like Yemen, Kenya, and Bangladesh.

Imagine struggling as a Rohingya refugee. Yi’s husband was murdered in front of her as they fled Myanmar. Now, in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, her 5-year-old son is weakening each day.

He’s slowly starving. Because Yi can’t work. She can’t get enough food for him. Because of the covid lockdown restrictions in their refugee camp…

As they huddle in their tent shelter, Yi’s frightened for both her children. What if they catch coronavirus?

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“I am fearful about COVID if my children are infected by it.”

“I don’t let my kids go out for playing. Once the disease spreads here in the refugee camp, many refugees will be infected as there are many of us living in a very small space.”

“I feel fear in deep because it’s not easy to maintain hygiene or social distances…“

And covid doesn’t just affect Rohingya refugees. Other families struggle in poverty where health care and testing is not available.

Please, will you give towards vital supplies – like gloves and masks – to combat covid?

You’ll help save the lives of Rohingya refugees like Yi – and many others who struggle in poverty across our broken world.

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