“Life became hard because of my disability… I had no skill that could help me for survival…I felt painful, stressed and weak…” – Michael, from Uganda

Michael was just a child when he developed a bone infection in his right leg. Left untreated, the infection left Michael with a permanent disability. He could not walk the long distance to school… cutting short his education. His older brother was his only means of support. Then tragedy struck…

Terrorists attacked his village. And when the dust settled Michael was anguished to find they had murdered his beloved brother.

Not only was Michael grieving over the loss of his brother, but he had also lost his sole means of support. And, in rural Uganda, if you can’t walk, you can’t work in the fields. And if you can’t work in the fields, you can’t grow food. And if you can’t grow food, you starve.

That’s why your help is so urgently needed.

You see, Michael has a wife, Immaculate, and 3 young children to feed.

This Christmas you can Be Hope for those like Michael and his family. This Christmas you can give a gift that keeps on giving!

  • You can give the blessings through new livelihoods for families like Michael’s!
  • You can give the blessings for families struggling to meet their basic needs!
  • You can give the blessings to families by helping them to become self-sufficient!
  • You can give the blessings by enabling families to break out of poverty – forever!

As we celebrate God’s gift of hope to us this Christmas, will you reach out and Be Hope to others like Michael and Immaculate? They desperately need your help.

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