“They beat me, and did not give me food to eat… I am not their child. They did not love me…” – Yan, from Cambodia

Yan never knew her parents. She doesn’t even know where she was born. Those she lived with treated her poorly. For years, Yan grew up unwanted, abused and alone.

Even when a kind local family adopted her, Yan still lived in poverty. Food was still scarce. And she had to leave school before completing grade 1. With few prospects, she married at 18. Her husband was also from a poor family. When he got sick, he could no longer work.

With three children and a sick husband, every day was a struggle. A struggle to afford medicine. A struggle to afford food. A struggle to meet the family’s basic needs.

But you can Be Hope for those like Yan and her family this Christmas. Your gift can:

  • Be Hope through the blessing of new livelihoods to families like Yan’s!
  • Be Hope through the blessing of nutritious food for growing children!
  • Be Hope through the blessing of good health with medicines and doctors!
  • Be Hope through the blessing of education so children can escape poverty forever!

You can Be Hope to others like Yan this Christmas… just as God gave us his Son to Be Hope for us.

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