At just 16 years of age, Lotika was married into a family as poor as her own had been.

“My husband didn’t have any home, just a kind of roof above,” she remembers. “There was not enough food to feed us… we would have a meal once a day. I was really hungry.”

Her husband was a casual labourer, but work was very irregular and his income was never enough – only 200 taka, just AUD$3.30, a day.

And when their daughter, Ranya*, was born… well, she became another mouth to feed.

“Days passed by not taking food properly,” recalls Lotika. “I could not feed my child.”

Try as they might, Lotika and her husband could do nothing to end their family’s poverty.

“Everything was going wrong at that time,” says Lotika, “And I could not find any idea of how to solve our problems.”

Then, in 2009, our Christian field partner began work in her community… and everything changed.

Today, this amazing woman and mum is running a thriving tailoring business. Her family has plenty of food to eat, her daughter goes to school, and she has just helped her husband to start a business of his own – providing delivery services and rides to paying customers on a newly acquired motorbike.

“Now I worry less and feel light,” says Lotika. “I work hard in my tailoring shop… and I pay for my child’s education.

“Many changes have come in my life now, however it started somewhere else.”

God breathed change is an inspiring thing. And through our response to poverty, He invites us to be an important part of it.

Change starts here.

*Name changed for child protection reasons.