We live in a world where the bottom 50 per cent share just one per cent of the world’s wealth. It is a world where the already rich exploit others and become richer. A world where the difference between wealth and poverty is damaging and extreme.

This is not what God intends.

The world God longs for – that Baptist World Aid longs for and hopes you might, too – is a world that is just and caring. A world where workers are treated with dignity, because they are people who are made in God’s image. A world where compassion is the common currency, not unjust wages.

Our decisions matter. Every day. Whether we’re shopping for clothing or caring for the environment, our choices matter for us all.


At Baptist World Aid, we believe that God is at work to help create a better world for all. Let’s join that work for the common good. Let’s be a movement of people that others cannot ignore.

While none of us can end worker exploitation on our own, a $20 gift from you today helps Baptist World Aid collaborate with companies for the protection of vulnerable workers.

Baptist World Aid’s advocacy team has a platform from which to collaborate with more than 600 brands and make real and positive change in the global fashion industry. In other words, Baptist World Aid is your direct line to fashion company executives and decision-makers! Help us let fashion companies know that you will not stand for worker exploitation, forced labour and child labour.

Your gift today will ensure this exploitation-ending collaboration will continue on your behalf. Today your gift means a safer, fairer world for all.