2 June, 2016

Tax justice

Urge the Australian Government to shine a light on the practice of multinational tax-dodging.

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What if we told you that there was an enormous pool of funds that poor nations could use for development? And what if we told you that this money is being denied to poor nations by corruption?

If you thought corrupt politicians and criminals were the worst culprits, guess again.

Multinational corporations (including those that are Australian owned) are the ones spiriting the most money out of developing countries.

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The International Monetary Fund estimates that $200 billion in tax revenue is denied to poor nations each year by the practice of multinational tax-dodging. This is money that should be spent on roads, hospitals, schools and other, often lifesaving, basic services. Losses to tax dodging are greater than the sum-total given to poor nations in aid.

These globe spanning companies “dodge” tax payments through the use of tax havens, which leech profits from the countries producing their goods and services.

This is a major injustice and it can be stopped. Join us in calling on the Australian Government to do their part in making sure that this money stays where it should!


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