1 March, 2017

Speak up for a Just and Generous Australia

Right now, the Australian Government is developing a foreign policy plan for the next decade. At this critical time, Australian Christians must speak up for a more just and generous nation

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Twelve of Australia’s Christian leaders, including from our Baptist denomination, recently wrote to the Foreign Minister, calling for a foreign policy that reflects Jesus’ call to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’ – one that tackles the big challenges of poverty, inequality, conflict and climate change.
Will you add your voice to theirs?

You can download Micah Australia’s church leader letter here.

Let’s speak up for a more just and generous nation.

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Ask your MP to speak up for a nation that is committed to justice, generosity and compassion, and that seeks to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’.

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Thank you for serving our nation through public office, and for representing constituents like myself in the Parliament.

I know that the Government is right now thinking about Australia’s place in the world, and will be this year forming its foreign policy framework to guide the nation for the next decade.

This is an issue I care about deeply. I want to see Australia be a nation that ‘loves its neighbours’; to be a generous nation, that pursues peace, justice and prosperity, particularly for those communities that are vulnerable and poor.

I am writing to endorse the Micah Australia Church Leaders Statement on Foreign Policy, which was addressed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs as part of the Foreign Policy Whitepaper submission process. The Statement was signed by 12 church leaders from a range of denominations, including the Baptist denomination, to which I belong.

As the Government develops Australia’s Foreign Policy White Paper, please call on the Foreign Minister to consider the values and proposals outlined in the Micah Australia Church Leaders Statement on Foreign Policy, and to prioritise the rights and interests of our poorest neighbours.

Please call for Australia to support just trade practices that ensure that workers are not exploited and that all citizens, not just the rich, receive the benefits that flow from trade.

Please call for the rebuilding of our aid program, lifting it from its lowest ever level to help all people live secure, healthy, dignified and peaceful lives.

And please call for Australia to be a leader in international efforts to fight poverty and tackle global challenges of inequality, conflict and climate change.

Kind regards,

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