22 February, 2017

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Our federal representatives are elected to champion our concerns in the Parliament…tell your Local Member that you care about Australian Aid!

Australian Aid makes a world of difference! It helps families lift themselves out of extreme poverty, it saves lives and it educates children. Because of the aid program, Australia can provide emergency relief when disasters strike our global neighbours. Australian Aid is an important way that we can help to build a safer and more just world for all people to enjoy.

But our nation’s ability to continue this vital work has been frustrated by recent cuts to the Australian Aid Budget. We want to see Australia doing all it can to end poverty… but consecutive cuts to the Australian Aid program mean that our nation is now the least generous it has ever been.

Join us in calling on our nation’s leaders to rebuild the Australian Aid program.

Tell your elected representative that you’re all for a generous and effective Australian Aid program, that you care about global justice issues, and that you want to see the nation doing all it can to end poverty.

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Do you want to see Australia lead the way in generosity? Join us in calling on our nation’s leaders to take steps towards restoring the Australian Aid Budget.

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Why Aid?
Aid is one way rich nations like Australia help people around the world overcome poverty, and make the planet more just and sustainable for everyone.

Through Aid, rich nations like Australia can help people around the world end poverty.

Between 1990 and 2015, the number of children who died before their fifth birthday was more than halved. Falling from 12.7 million to 5.9 million. During the same time period, the number of mothers who died during childbirth and pregnancy declined by 45%. Aid works. And Australian Aid plays a part in this story!

But there still is so much more work to do.

836 million people still live in extreme poverty. And despite progress, 16,000 children still die every day from mostly preventable causes.

That is why, in September 2015, the world’s nations unanimously adopted the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These goals represent a guide, a framework, and a global commitment to end extreme poverty. They aim to fight inequality and injustice and ensure environmental sustainability.

Our report ‘The Global Neighbour Index’ assesses Australia’s response to helping our least developed neighbours achieve these goals.