The COVID-19 pandemic is having devasting effects on children’s education across the world. In developing nations, millions of children are at risk of never returning to school. Our partner organisations are working tirelessly to ensure that our sponsored children will have a different story to tell.

Nine-year-old Choum is one of those children. She’s a sponsored child in grade four at school. She is part of a small family, living with her dad who is a farmer, and her mum who sells the food they grow from their home in Cambodia. Choum loves her family very much.

Although Choum has a happy life with her family, she’s struggled with her schooling. With her mum and dad always busy working to make ends meet, little time was left to support Choum with learning from home during COVID-19 restrictions. This affected Choum’s learning.

With COVID-19 resulting in major disruptions to education globally, our local partner organisation FH Cambodia made supporting sponsored children’s learning from home a priority.

Project staff met with Choum and her parents to discuss the benefits of education. They gave her family education materials so Choum could have her own special reading corner to continue her studies.

Choum said, ‘I appreciate and love my reading corner. I always read books, do homework and practice writing as well.’

Young Cambodian girl studying indoors
Choum studying
She loves learning!

Choum is overjoyed her parents now help her to learn at home and she is doing well in school. She is particularly excelling in maths and has ambitions to work in a bank one day.

She said, ‘I have hope my studies will go well and I will have a better life in the future.’

‘I have hope my studies will go well and I will have a better life in the future.

What else has been happening in Choum’s community?

Over the last year, through the ongoing work of our local partner FH Cambodia, community members including children and youth received training to improve the environmental health of their communities and mitigate the risks associated with natural disasters. Activities included tree planting and participation in Environment Day.

Adults and youth are learning about effective farming methods and implementing new farming technology to increase crop harvests and support livelihoods.

To support children’s education, FH Cambodia have dedicated resources to support education during COVID-19. This includes training for youth to support at-home schooling for younger children. Project staff also continue to provide books and other learning materials for online education and learning from home for children like Choum.

For more information on FH Cambodia’s response to COVID-19, please visit the Covid updates for our Child Sponsors page on our website. Or to sponsor a child like Choum, click here.