“As a child, I went to a Methodist Church. I didn’t return to faith until much later, when I began attending a Baptist Church at a neighbour’s invitation.

It came to me at the right time. I had just come back from Rome, where I saw a painting of one of the apostles being crucified upside down. I remember thinking, “What an incredible amount of faith! He must have believed in someone very powerful”. And that was an amazing moment that helped pull me back to Christ.

God has been very good to me, always staying near in times of grief and pain. I love to know I’ve got a personal relationship with Him. It enables me to face difficulties with courage.

When I was much younger, I had the opportunity of travelling to Indonesia and Zambia where I saw the cycle of poverty firsthand. I saw the very poor circumstances of families – with no medicine, education or sanitation… and I just wanted to help. I know that giving to Baptist World Aid is a good way of doing this!

After my death, I want to continue helping those in need. That’s why I’ve chosen to leave a gift in my Will to Baptist World Aid, which I consider to be a worthy charity.”

If you are considering including Baptist World Aid in your Will, please call 1300 789 991 or email [email protected] to receive your information pack. Your gift will help provide skills training and livelihood opportunities to those who live in desperate poverty in many countries. What a wonderful way to demonstrate your faith – by being a generous giver!