Watch your special video message

Have you watched this special video message from your Christian partners on the ground? It premiered on Facebook this weekend.

This video tells a global story. Watch it now… and answer the inspiring call to Stand Together against coronavirus (COVID-19).

Your latest news from Kenya

Coronavirus has greatly impacted lives in Kenya. But your support is making a real difference.

Here is the latest update from your Christian partner on the ground…

You are helping us to play a key role in saving lives and containing the spread of the virus. Since we are integrated into our communities, we are using the established community structures, our networks, and information platforms to share preventive measures in collaboration with public health departments, local leaders, community group leaders, and church leaders to promote helpful information so as to reduce stigma and fear families. And that has created a safety net in managing the identified risks, engaging the communities, and preparing and protecting the individuals, families, and public health from the spread of coronavirus.

How you’re helping families in Uganda

With your support, two bars of hand soap have been provided to 1,400 sponsored children and their families… as well as to 600 more vulnerable families in their communities. Thank you for helping families stay clean from germs and safe from coronavirus!

Additionally, 500 local language posters have been created and displayed in the working area, with important information from the Ministry of Health. Thank you for helping prevent the spread of coronavirus.

And finally, with your help, 20 radio spots on the prevention of coronavirus will be run on a daily basis… which means the impact of your generosity will be felt not only in the target communities, but beyond them, too. Thank you!