Your update from Bangladesh

While coronavirus (COVID-19) response work in Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, is now set to commence, emergency relief is already being provided in one project community… thanks to your past support. But what makes this story truly amazing is that it’s not your Christian partner doing the work… it’s the community themselves!

Last year, this community group officially registered itself as a non-government organisation, which means they were in a good place to respond when the coronavirus hit.

“In this coronavirus situation, we are in liaison with the local government and taking part in different volunteer groups formed to work in this situation. There are people in our community suffering because of the coronavirus emergency and we’ve taken initiatives for poor and distressed people as soon as possible, to provide food and materials to face this situation. We are very happy to serve with some relief materials during this crucial moment,” the group said.

Help being provided includes, important public health education materials, face masks and soaps for 50 families, as well as flour and potatoes. The group is already planning more support for their community in the months ahead.

Your update from Lebanon


Coronavirus lockdown measures across the world serve to keep vulnerable families safe. However, they also mean that many families living in poverty have lost their only source of income… and now face hunger.

That’s why your generous support is being used to help provide food packages for vulnerable families whose livelihoods have been greatly affected by the coronavirus. This includes work through your Christian partner in Lebanon, Merath, to reduce hunger and improve nutrition for 550 families – including vulnerable Syrian refugee families! Your generous support is also being used to provide vital hygiene materials to families so they can keep clean from germs during this global emergency.