Can you think of anything better than a bunch of people who are meeting together to tackle poverty and modern slavery around our world? I can’t.

And that is what has been happening all around the country. People coming together to share ideas and spur each other on as part of the Baptist World Aid Catalyst program.

The idea of tackling poverty can be overwhelming. We hear stories that break our heart but are left wondering, “What can I do about it?”

It’s easy to feel helpless.

But you are not helpless!

Our advocacy team produces resources that enable you to take action and be part of the story of change.

We resource you to:

Be Open

Be Open by challenging you to take time to listen, to spend some time in silence, to hear stories from those who are vulnerable, to give up your voice to hear theirs.

Be Vocal

Be Vocal by giving you tools to speak up, perhaps to your local MP or other leaders in your community, to say we want to put people at the centre of our policies.

Be Generous

By encouraging you to set aside time to consider those who are vulnerable and be generous with the time and resources God has given you.

Be Fair

By informing you on how to make ethical purchases through our Ethical Fashion Guide and speaking up to organisations like chocolate companies to say that children should not be forced to make out chocolate!

Be Prayerful

By mobilising you to pray. To pray for those who are vulnerable that they might know God’s love for them, to pray for those in power, that they might find freedom in Christ, let go of the consumption that binds them, and find relationship with their brothers and sisters.

Discover Catalyst

This is Catalyst, and you are welcome. If you are part of a social justice group at your church, or simply interested in how you and your church can join with Baptist World Aid in advocating on issues of poverty and exploitation then Catalyst is for you!

We all have a part to play… and we’d love you to be part of the story! See how you can be part of our Catalyst Network.