Amyra fled Syria after her home was bombed. She took her four children and ran. It was only later, after she had reached the relative safety of Lebanon, that she finally heard news of her husband. He had been injured by the bomb blast and was trapped in Syria.

All Amyra knows now is that her husband is trying to make his way to Lebanon to join his family… but she hasn’t heard from him in months. In the meantime, she and her children are battling to survive the harsh realities of winter.

Tragically, Amyra is not the only one living this story. But perhaps sadder still, is the fact that Amyra’s story did not (at first) grieve me as it should. After years of hearing these heartrending stories… it was like I’d become numb to them.

What I’ve come to realise after sitting with Amyra’s story these last few months, however, is that I am afforded security and blessing, ultimately, because I have been saved from a very similar story.

I am called to love those who are running and have lost everything, because I no longer have to run… and I‘ve been given everything.

Like Amyra I, too, have longed to return home

The New Testament reminds us that we were once exiles, foreigners, separated from God by our own rebellion.

From the moment Adam and Eve first sinned, we have longed to return to God’s perfect presence. Saved by grace, we are welcomed home through Jesus (Ephesians 2: 12 – 16). The story of The Bible is of The Father righting our wrong and bringing us back to relationship with Him – our journey from foreigners to God, to family and citizens of heaven.

Despite our hostility towards God, He sent His Son, Jesus, to reconcile us to Himself, to bring us into His family and to finally bring peace. By God’s grace and mercy, I have been welcomed into a perfect family, I have been given a perfect home, and I know that I am loved and cared for, eternally.

Marked by love…

Before violence broke out in Syria, there was the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. For years, Lebanese families faced brutality at the hands of Syrian nationals… and this history is not something that can be easily forgotten.

So, when Syrian families arrived on their doorstep in desperate need of help, many Lebanese families struggled to forgive all that they’d endured… but today, God’s people in Lebanon stand out as they love families in need who have come to them. And the Lebanese Baptist church needs your support to provide urgently needed relief to those families who have fled their homes.

Amyra has received fuel to heat her family’s shelter, blankets and mattresses to sleep on, and food and milk so her children grow healthy and strong.

“Whenever we need something, they are here to help,” she says. “This is a lifeline for us… The church is very good… and we are very grateful.”

But there is still so much more to be done.

Be love as you have been loved

We have been given everything. And because of this, we, too, ought to live out the love that God first demonstrated to us.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells His disciples to provide food for the hungry, to provide drink for the thirsty, to welcome the stranger, to clothe the naked, and to visit the sick and imprisoned. You can answer his call today and demonstrate Jesus’s love to families like Amyra’s.

$100 gives blankets to keep families warm…
$150 provides clothes to protect against the harsh winter…
$200 gives families fuel to burn for warmth and to cook food…

Please give now and be love for refugees in Lebanon: