When you’re 78 and your house is swept away by a freak flood… And you’re left almost drowning with your granddaughter clutched to you to keep her alive… Then it’s not difficult to picture Shukadi’s happiness after surviving floods in Nepal… and his joy when he received a mosquito net, bedsheet, pillows and a sleeping mat.

All because of the generous support of compassionate people like you.

“I want to thank you! God bless you!” he says, his eyes lighting up when he smiles.

Shukadi’s home was one of 20,000 destroyed when several months’ rain fell in only a few days in July last year.

“I spent a whole night in the water with my sons and one of my granddaughters holding onto my hand. All I saw was water and I never knew where to go as I didn’t want to risk my life.”

“There was water everywhere in our village and in the house. Our goats, chicken, clothes, and blankets were gone. Everything was flooded.”

That’s why Shukadi is so grateful to people like you.

“The items received from you is a big relief for an old man like me.”

Thank you for your kindness in helping survivors of disaster like Shukadi, who was fortunate to survive the devastating floods in Nepal, last year. Thank you for saving lives and livelihoods before, during and after a disaster.

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