Benyu Ngawota! (Hello friend in the Kumam dialect)

I grew up as a son of a peasant farmer. When I was in grade two, I fell sick and become disabled and as a result failed to complete my education.

Life was so hard because I had no skill that could help me for survival. This was made worse by the sickness and the disability I had.

Insurgentabducted my brother at night from his shop together with a few people… and they were killed. I was painful because he was a brother to whom I could run to seek for support in times of need, but when he was killed I remained helpless.

I have a lot of stress and pain because I cannot live a normal life like my peerswhen I am sick it is well wishers who give me money for treatment. My disability has made it hard for me to get money to take my children to school.

Education is very important to me… I pray my children should have a bright future and be good children who respect people and love God. And I surrender my problems and life to God and pray that he gives me a good life. I believe that with prayers God will grant him his request.

If possible, I would request our supporters in Australia to provide support to our community.

Thank you.


Left in deeper poverty after extremist violence, what will happen to Michael and Immaculate? What kind of future will their children have without help? Michael doesn’t want his children to grow up in poverty like him. Go to to see how you can be hope for families like Michael’s this Christmas.