As a Baptist World Aid supporter, you read a lot of incredible stories… stories about children and families overseas, who have been greatly impacted by your generosity.

But what about the stories which start at home, here in Australia?

This Be Love Sponsorship season, we’re sharing some truly incredible stories with you. Stories of faithful hearts and loving generosity. Stories which belong to our staff members who are regular Australians like you.


“When my children were heading into high school years, my husband and I wanted to help them fully understand the world in which they live. We thought the best way to do that was to understand the lives of others.

Australia is such a privileged country. We embarked on sponsoring children in other nations to be able to expand our family and teach our own children to care. I remember the day when my daughter got her first full-time job and she came to us to say she could also sponsor a child individually. We had always sponsored children as a family before, but to have her embark on supporting a child herself was terrific.

It is so rewarding to see your own children care practically for those who have so much less than they do. Sponsoring children has always been a priority for our family and we have embraced this as a responsibility and a joy.”

Karen Wilson, child sponsor for 12 years


“I became a sponsor during a campaign Baptist World Aid was running about 1.5 years ago. I was about to call a supporter and ask if they were willing to sponsor a child called Pakhi*… when I noticed that she and I shared the same birthday!

This really struck me. Being from Bangladesh (a country I have never visited) Pakhi felt very distant; very removed from my own life and circumstance. I couldn’t imagine what life must be like for her, but something as simple as sharing a birthday, somehow made her struggle against poverty so much more real for me.

It opened my eyes to the layers of culture and money and privilege that separate us… and I realised. Underneath all that, the only real difference was that I was incredibly blessed to be born into the circumstance I am in, here in Australia. I decided then and there that if I was able to support another child of God, it would be remiss of me to not do so!”

Jacqui Burleigh, Baptist World Aid child sponsor for 1.5 years
*Name changed for child protection reasons.


“I have sponsored children through Baptist World Aid since I began working here nine years ago. I am about to witness one of them, Peter* from the Philippines, graduate.

The journey for Peter and his family has been inspiring. He was about eight years old when my wife, Tracey, and I first connected with him and his community. Then he lived in an impoverished village, which survived mainly by fishing, and today he has grown into a wonderful, communicative teenager.

Peter is well into his high school studies and loves sport. His family have learned better hygiene and their health concerns are much lower than they used to be. And both of his parents now have steadier work, thanks to the livelihoods and skills training they have received from the Child Sponsorship project.

To read Peter’s stories as he has grown up, and to witness the greater joy he now expresses, reminds me of how a simple commitment on our part, every month, can be so life-changing in other parts of the world. It’s incredible!”

John Hickey, Baptist World Aid child sponsor for 9 years
*Name changed for child protection reasons.


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