When I met Solomon* in late 2018, I witnessed something truly remarkable.

Solomon is 12 years old and he lives in Uganda. Because of poverty, life used to be very difficult for Solomon and his family… they never had enough money to make ends meet, much less what was needed to give Solomon and his siblings a good education.

But at the time, that didn’t matter much to his family.

“We used to think that a child knows nothing,” says Solomon’s mum. “We didn’t know about children’s rights, or even about the value of educating children. Parents preferred keeping them at home to help with garden work, babysitting their younger siblings, selling in the market, or even doing all the household chores. The children had no interest in going to school regularly either.”

Fast forward nine years and how things have changed in this rural community! Solomon is happy and in school and has big dreams for his future.

“I want to become a doctor,” he tells me, “because I want to treat people who are sick.”

And Solomon’s heart to help others is already evident through the work of his Child Club, which has learned useful livelihood skills like cooking and weaving, not to make money to keep for themselves… but to help keep their struggling peers in school!

“During weekends and holidays our club makes snacks which we sell,” he explains. “We are able to buy books and pens for some of our members whose parents are unable to provide for them.”

And this is an initiative that will continue long after Baptist World Aid and its Christian partner leave the community.

What an incredible legacy your Child Sponsorship has achieved… what an incredible story!


*Name changed for child protection reasons.