Thank you for ensuring refugee children and youth receive trauma counselling. Thank you for helping refugees overcome the grief of losing loved ones. Thank you not only for saving lives but alleviating the horrors of war for refugee children.

Because of you, Rohingya refugees – like the children pictured – are finding peace after experiencing the worst horrors of their lives.

And because of you, they’re beginning to hope for a better future—without violence and hardship.

We recently reached out to you to help Rohingya refugees who have literally lost everything. Refugees like Amrit*, who lost his home, his country, his security. And those he loved.

He was 18 when he fled his home in Myanmar. This began a journey of terror as he and his family started making their way to Bangladesh. Danger was all around… he saw several family members shot and killed.

After seven days of walking, Amrit and the rest of his family made it to Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh. Homeless and with no food or water, they desperately needed help.

Thanks to people like you, Amrit and his family survived on emergency food and supplies from field workers. They lived under a single makeshift tarp. But although he had food, clean water and safety, something was still terribly wrong with Amrit. Something beyond his physical needs.

This young man couldn’t forget the horrors he’d seen in Myanmar. He was traumatised by the memories of loved ones killed while they were on the run. Amrit became severely depressed.

But because of your generosity, our Christian partners in the field team were able to visit Amrit and help him begin the process of healing from trauma.

Thanks to you, Amrit was able to share his horrific experiences with trained staff. Thanks to you, he joined a psychological support group for traumatised young men. And thanks to you, Amrit joined a soccer team set up to encourage community building and further healing.

Slowly, Amrit’s beginning to engage in other activities and lead a normal life again. Amrit says he had no peace in his mind before. Now it’s such a joy to see the despair in his eyes disappearing day by day.

“I will never forget your support,” he says.

Because of your love and compassion, many traumatised Rohingya refugees like Amrit are overcoming the horrors of his past and finding peace, security and healing.

Thank you for being such an incredible blessing!

Your support for Rohingya refugees has gone towards:

  • Emergency food, shelter and hygiene kits
  • Referrals for counselling
  • Safe spaces for children to play and learn
  • Vocational skills to prepare them for the future

Muki is a blessing to refugee children – because you were a blessing to him!

Despite his own trauma of fleeing from violence, Muki* is using his former experience as a teacher to offer English classes to groups of Rohingya children.

As well as giving traumatised children another focus, this is a valuable service given so many young refugees are now missing out on school.

“The boys through the classes feel very encouraged… The training helps them to grow and move on from the terrible events they have witnessed.”

Many boys also found relief and healing by confiding in Muki.

“Some of the boys shared their past experience of trauma. Some of them have seen terrible things and want to forget about it and move on.”

Muki is helping children at risk of long-term mental trauma to process their past in a safe environment. Muki survived because of your support with food and shelter. Now you have made it possible for him to bring healing and hope to these Rohingya refugees. Thank you!

*Names have been changed for protection reasons.