To begin today, find a peaceful place free from distraction. Get into a comfortable position. Ask God to make His presence known to you. Remember God’s promise that He is always with us, and He will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Thank God for His presence at this moment.



Spend a few moments in gratitude, thanking God for one or two of the blessings you have experienced today, whether big or small.



Today’s reflective prayer will focus on your relationships – with God, others and yourself.

Reflect on your relationship with God. Do you feel close to God, or distant from Him? Have you been speaking to God and have you have been hearing from Him? Have you been spending time with Him?

When you think of your closeness to God, what do you feel? Is it peace, joy, gratitude, fear, shame?

Ask God to reveal to you His perspective on your relationship with Him.



Talk to God now about your relationships with others. How have you been connecting with others recently? Are there any especially good or taxing relationships? Speak to God about these.

Think now about the one or two most important relationships in your life. Are you at peace in these relationships… or are there unresolved tensions? Do you see God at work within these relationships? Ask God to reveal His heart for these important relationships to you.



Consider now your relationship with yourself. It may sound like an odd idea, but how are you feeling about yourself at the moment? Are you living in freedom? Acting in confidence? Are you being patient with yourself? Or are you feeling shame or guilt… or like you don’t know yourself at all? What has led you to feeling this way?



Which of these three relationships – your relationship with God, others, or self – did God speak to you most clearly about?

Spend a few minutes seeking God’s perspective, wisdom and guidance regarding this relationship. If you feel compelled, give thanks, or ask for healing or forgiveness.



Ask God to show what you can do tomorrow to strengthen this relationship. Commit to handing this relationship over to God.



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