Ant – Expressions of Walking

Ant decided that over these 40 days he would walk, not just to raise money, but to reflect on the many expressions of walking he had witnessed when visiting places of poverty.

“Yesterday I walked 6.1 klms. Many families in sub-Saharan Africa walk up to that distance for water. Often not clean water. To cover a day’s supply children often are tasked to carry large water containers as a household duty. It creates all kinds of vulnerability and health issues for them.

“I live in a small apartment and count 7 water points in my small home. Water that is drinkable. I do laps in a pool that has 375,000 litres and I wonder what these kids would think if they saw that water source for people just to exercise and play in.

We are profoundly blessed with water, often we take it for granted. Perhaps not our farmers. Dare to care.”


Bec  – Life without Coke

Bec was silly enough to allow her Facebook friends to decide what she would give up… Kale or Coke. The choice was obvious.

“I am surviving sans Coke so far… I’m donating the money I would have spent on coke, so let’s say $2.50 per coke for 40 days = $100 (impressive calculation I know, and yes, I did have to check that on a calculator).

“I’m asking people to shout me a coldie, or a slab, or 40 days of coke, or a lifetime supply if they wish… it will make a big difference to the people at the receiving end of your generosity.”


Samara – Smiling at Strangers

Samara has set herself a personal challenge of smiling at strangers for the duration of The 60/40 Challenge… and blogging about the experience. In her latest installment, her mission was derailed by dumplings.

“Late night shopping. A scenario ripe with successful smile possibility… or so I thought.

“Unfortunately, the teenagers were far too embroiled in playing out their young, passionate love melodramas to notice the hopeful smiles of little old me. And all of the other adults were too busy frowning at the teenagers… so, no joy.

“Still, I remained hopeful. Surely, I’d have more luck when we paused to sit down for dinner? After all, what’s happier than dumplings? What’s more beautiful than sharing a smile with a stranger over a cracking plate of har gow?

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Julie – Change for Change

Julie has come up with more than one way to reach her fundraising target!

“I’m enjoying the challenge. When I signed up I had no idea what to expect, but I did it because I felt my heart was growing cold towards things I have felt passionate about in the past.

“Then I started getting ideas for fundraising – I’m making some cans for spare change and running a plant sale at my church! All the green thumbs are helping by potting up plants.

“I’m amazed that I’ve hit my target, even before the plant sale. Sending out that email asking for donations wasn’t easy, but I’ve been blown away by people’s support.”


Elissa– 40 days, 1 shirt

Yep, you read that correctly! Elissa is wearing the same shirt for 40 days!

“What I thought would be really challenging for me was to wear the same white shirt (ethical and organic cotton) for 40 days. I’m doing it to raise awareness about fast fashion. We’re half way through and the shirt doesn’t have holes or major stains… just yet…”


David– a song a day… for 40 days!

David is using his passion for music to raise money – he’s writing a song a day for 40 days… you can even sponsor him to write you a song!

Connie – Activated Almonds

You’ll be amazed at all the delicious ideas Connie is cooking up!

“My initial strategy for raising funds (in the first week) was to ask my relatives and friends for support by donating, which many of them did. But I realised I would need to do something a little differently to be able to raise more (and then this was one of the challenge actions!) So, I thought of activated slow roasted almonds (which I make at the end of the year as ‘thank you’ gifts, and people always comment on how much they enjoy them).

“I bought a few packets of raw almonds and started the process of activating and slow roasting them. In the meantime, I asked the leadership whether I could promote these at school… people could bring a jar to be filled or buy a filled jar, for a donation of any amount. I then was able to buy 5 kg of chemical free raw almonds which I processed and sold in weeks 2 and 3.

“This week I am baking a gluten free chocolate cheesecake for a baby shower (my friend’s daughter… and they love the cake), and I plan to bake an extra one which I will cut into slices and sell at school amongst the staff.

“Well, that’s the plan… I’m thankful for the inspiration and ideas that have either come to me or have been offered by others.

“So far I have found the challenges helpful and challenging; my goal is to manage them as best as I am able, in a way that fits where I am at in life.”


If you have a unique fundraising idea you’d like to share, we’d love to hear about it!