Greg Wood
Baptist World Aid Marketing Manager

I’ve decided to focus on giving something up.

I’m starting by sorting out my 500+ CDs to sell because (let’s face it) it’s time to move on. However, the money I make won’t go towards expanding my record collection (what can I say? I’m a series of contradictions – vinyl forever!) instead, any profit is earmarked for my challenge fundraising total.

I’m also committing to give up the $100+ I would have spent on duty-free goods on the way home from an upcoming work trip overseas. And I’ll give up buying coffees (and anything else I can think of) for 40 days… and sell other items I own, but don’t need.

Then, I’m going to ask my friends to do the same.

I’ll tell them I’m doing a 6-week series to create habits to help you end poverty. I’ll tell them that I’m raising money for this purpose by giving things up… and that I’d love them to do the same by giving at my challenge fundraising profile page.

Do you want to do the same? Then, download your free ‘End Poverty’ mobile app from The App store or Google Play, register for The 60/40 Challenge, and spread the word!

I’m hoping you find The 60/40 Challenge an encouraging and stretching time.

Becky Oates
Baptist World Aid Relationships Manager

If you’re tech savvy, you might choose to have a bit of fun with how you promote your challenge… as the wonderful Becky Oates did recently. Check it out!

Don’t worry, after her espionage went live, we decided that Becky could keep her job at Baptist World Aid… but, from now on, she’ll be intently observed whenever she’s in a five-metre radius of the stationary cupboard!

Andy Coller
Former Baptist World Aid State Representative

One day, I will stand before our Lord and He will want to know what I did for the least of these.

It’s been nearly two years since I retired from my role at Baptist World Aid Australia to be a full-time carer for my wife, Julie. However, I’ve not retired from being an advocate for the world’s most vulnerable. I journeyed as an employee of Baptist World Aid Australia for 11 of its 60 years… but the task of ending poverty is not finished yet, so I continue to journey as a supporter.

Every day, I’m very thankful I live in Australia. Here, I receive a carer’s and disability support pension, which includes discounts on electricity, registration, cheaper public transport, and a hoard of other benefits… and now the National Disability Insurance Scheme is going to give us extra support! Wow!

In my time with Baptist World Aid, I visited Cambodia, Nepal, the Philippines, and East Timor… and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have no idea how Julie and I would survive in our current situation if we had poverty to contend with… or less government support.

But I did not end up in Australia through any effort of my own, I was simply born here.

The blind man sat at the gates. The disciples asked, “Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?”

Not much has changed. We can still look to blame the poor and vulnerable for their own circumstances. But instead of blaming, we should be looking for opportunities to be the love of Jesus.

In so many ways, I, a pensioner, am wealthier than the majority of the world’s population. Because I am so blessed, I am compelled by Jesus to share this blessing with others. This is why I’m looking to consume less during The 60/40 challenge and give the savings to Baptist World Aid… and perhaps it’s my chance for a healthier lifestyle too! Who needs chips and Coke No Sugar anyway?

Yes, I’ll be participating in The 60/40 Challenge, and I’ll be taking the challenge in addition to my regular giving. I will look at ways to consume less during this time of ‘Lent’, so that I can give more… and love families living in poverty.