Roger* is 15 years old. He lives in Uganda with his mum, dad, two sisters, and two brothers.

Not long ago, Roger and his family faced constant struggle. They never had enough food to eat and Roger would often miss school, because his parents couldn’t afford to pay for school fees.

But missing school didn’t matter too much to Roger in those days, because he didn’t really understand its value. In fact, Roger was a cheeky boy, who was often caught “escaping” from the school grounds on the days he was lucky enough to attend.

“I never knew how to productively utilise my free time,” remembers Roger, “I used to follow my friends to the river to fetch water and, at times, played in the river”.

But this was all before Roger joined the child sponsorship project, which was set up in his community with the help of generous Australian sponsors.

Today, Roger’s life has changed for the better… because he wasn’t the only one in his family to benefit from your generous child sponsorship.

Roger’s mother also became involved in the child sponsorship project, joining a women’s group. There, she learned to save money and take loans that helped the family to purchase two piglets. And can you imagine this precious family’s excitement when their piglets grew, mated, and gave birth to sixteen more piglets?

With the money she has made from the sale of her piglets, Roger’s mum has bought iron sheeting to use in the construction of a permanent iron roofed house – which will protect her family from the elements for years to come. What an incredible change!

But, perhaps the biggest change has taken place in Roger himself. Because, he’s no longer the little boy who skips out of school. Today, he truly understands the importance of a good education… and why his parents work so hard to pay his school fees!

“Now I attend all my classes,” says Roger, “I’ve taken on leadership roles at school and I’m teaching my friends about the importance of education”.

“Many of my friends are attending school now too.”

But education is not the only benefit Roger has received thanks to your generous child sponsorship.

“I’ve made new friends through our children’s club meetings,” says Roger.

“Together we grow vegetables, advocate for our rights through drama performances, and regularly clean up our village.”

Because of your support, Roger’s parents no longer have to worry about how they will provide for their growing children… or worry about how to keep their cheeky boy interested in school.

Last month, Roger sat his primary school leaving exams.

“I feel very happy because with the life skills I have,” he says. “I will be able to study hard and become an accountant and help my parents to pay fees for my siblings”.

“I will build for them a beautiful house when I grow up.”

Thank you for giving generously to Roger’s child sponsorship project in Uganda. Your child sponsorship means children like Roger – and their families – can learn new and valuable skills, which they are passing on to their friends and neighbours… a great example of how your sponsorship positively impacts whole communities!

Thank you for being part of this incredible story!

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*Name changed for child protection reasons.