Baptist World Aid was born out of a response to the suffering caused by World War II, and a heart to love and support vulnerable people escaping persecution in Europe.

In 2019, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate 60 wonderful years.

Many of you have faithfully taken the journey with us for decades! Because of your generosity, Baptist World Aid today is making a difference across 25 countries, supporting vulnerable people living in poverty to transform their lives.

In fact, across our current development and disaster response programs, we can measure tangible benefits for almost 400,000 people across the world. And through your support of these programs, and your advocacy on various causes  such as corporate practices for workers in supply chains in the fashion industry) we believe that there are well over a million people, globally, who have been positively impacted. Thank you!

Of the church denominational aid and development agencies in Australia, Baptist World Aid is the second largest. We are one of the ten leading agencies in Australia accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We are the largest agency in the global Baptist movement that is addressing poverty and undertaking advocacy at government and corporate levels. We play leadership roles in a number of national and international alliances that leverage our reach
and your impact far beyond what was imaginable 60 years ago. And your Catalyst groups, in churches across Australia, mobilise the most people of any denomination to advocate for justice across this world.

As followers of Jesus, I am so thankful that we can say that our 60 year partnership together is one that honours God. Faithful individuals and missionally-minded churches, incredible staff and volunteers, amazing partner organisations overseas, along with our colleagues in various key alliances, all generously contributing to a wonderful partnership through the decades.

Over these 60 years, millions of people have worked to improve their lives, enormously, thanks to our collective passion, persistence, professional practice, and prayer!

And so, as we reflect, we also want to look ahead with all of you. In 2019, we will commemorate 60 years of Baptist World Aid, but we don’t want to be self-indulgent! We want to keep dreaming. We want to do more… together.

Next year in March, we will be launching a tremendous program called “The 60/40 Challenge – 60 ways to end poverty in 40 days”. And early next year we’ll have another exciting announcement in support of this challenge – watch this space!

So, as we approach the end of 2018, I want to thank you again for your generous support. This year, you sponsored children like Sima, you gave generously to help mums like Rith grow new livelihoods, and you were faithful in times of disasters like the Sulawesi tsunami. Thank you so very much.

Before the end of the year is out, you will have another chance to be generous by supporting the Be Hope Christmas campaign and, through it, mums like Yan in Cambodia. I am sure you will be as moved by her story as I was.

Thank you for taking this phenomenal journey with us over all these years. Our fight to end poverty goes on – let’s continue to make a big difference together!