Imagine growing up without love of any kind. Imagine how hopeless you would feel… how dark your world would be.

When Yan was just a little girl, this was the reality of her life in rural Cambodia.

“I did not have my own parents, I did not know where I am from,” says Yan. “I lived with some people, they beat me. They did not love me like their own children.”

I did not have my own parents, I did not know where I am from

For many years Yan lived in misery, searching for the beginnings of hope. Then, one day, the other children she lived with threw her in the middle of a nearby lake to see if she could swim.

“After I swallowed some water, they picked me back out. They tortured me,” Yan remembers.

It was a horrible day. It is a horrible memory… but in the midst of all that darkness, Yan caught her first glimpse of hope.

It was later on and near the lake that a kind woman found her.

“When she saw me, she talked to me,” says Yan.

“She found out that I had been taken from somewhere and that no one wanted to feed me.”

Like Yan, this woman was Cambodian… and, also like Yan, she was searching for a family to love.

“She did not have a child, so, she adopted me and raised me,” Yan explains.

Yan’s new mother loved her very much, but she was also poor… and life in rural Cambodia is not easy when you are surrounded by poverty.

Many years later, now a mother herself, Yan is desperate for her three children to have childhoods that are full of the hope she struggled to find herself… and thanks to your generosity, her children are brimming with hope for the future!

With your support, our Christian partner in the field began work in Yan’s community. With their help, she and her husband learned to raise chickens and pigs to sell at market… they even started a small business basket weaving!

“Life has become much better. We are not very upset like we were before,” Yan says happily. “We have money to buy food, to eat, and to support the children.”

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