Every time I have the privilege of visiting our project communities overseas, this truth is affirmed for me: Child Sponsorship makes a massive difference.

For mums and dads living in poverty, education for children is a luxury they simply can’t afford. Especially when feeding hungry tummies is the priority. Dreams for the future are virtually nonexistent where sickness lurks… and all that can be thought of is the fight for survival.

Amidst this desperate reality, children are the most vulnerable of all.

In many cultures around the world, children have no status, no value, no voice. Often, they are considered a burden until they’re “old enough” to work. Sometimes, this age is as young as six.

But the story I see in our Child Sponsorship project communities is very different. Out of the most difficult of circumstances, I see children taking charge and driving change! I see children transforming their communities! Because, while children are certainly the most vulnerable to poverty… they can also be the most powerful voices and actors for change.

Children have less fear, they are not weighed down by so many years of stress and disappointment, and they are far more easily motivated by hope. That is why, of the many programs you help to make possible, our targeted programs for children and youth – regardless of their faith – are a core focus.

My family have sponsored several children over the past twenty years. But when I think about all our decisions to sponsor children, most were first prompted by passionate people in our church family. People with courage and  conviction. People who stood up, shared their incredible stories, and (in doing so) encouraged us to commit to sponsorship ourselves.

So, as you read this, I’d like to ask… do you have that passion? August marks the beginning of our Be Love Sponsorship Sunday season. Our greatest challenge is that we only have a limited amount of staff to run these events each week but there are hundreds of Baptist churches in Australia! That’s why I am asking for your help. Running a Be Love Sponsorship Sunday could not be more simple… we’ll provide you with everything you need, all I am asking for is your passion.

I know you can make a difference. Across Africa and Asia, hundreds of children will be so thankful you cared enough to connect them with Australian child sponsors. With that support, these children will help to change life for their families
and communities… and, one day, they will change their nations as well.

Your passion for helping children is a powerful thing. You are part of an incredible story… I only ask that you share this story with  your church family this Be Love Sponsorship season, so that others might be part of it too.

To find out more about running a Be Love Sponsorship Sunday event for your church or community, go to: baptistworldaid.org.au/be-love-sunday