Since I first read the story about Jesus feeding the 5,000, I’ve wondered about the logistics.

Even now, after having read and preached from this passage dozens of times, my curiosity hasn’t ever, really, wavered. I mean, when exactly did the miracle happen?

Was it when the bread was dropped into the baskets? Was it when the food was broken into pieces? Or, maybe, when the food was picked up by hungry people? And what about the fish – did they just become giant?

But as intriguing as this all remains to me, I have learned that it isn’t the real point of the story. In fact, now, I think I finally see where the real miracle of multiplication happens.
When the people understand that Jesus is no ordinary teacher or preacher, when they understand that He is the embodiment of the inbreaking of the kingdom of God on earth, that is the real miracle of multiplication! The multiplication of loaves and fishes to many on that day would have seemed like a pretty neat trick. It was a miraculous portrayal of the power of Jesus over creation, but the real multiplication occurs when the bread and the fish are multiplied to become symbols of these greater truths.

Today, Baptist World Aid Australia is able to offer multiplication of the impact of your gift… up to 6 times! This is, of course, a neat trick. But it is also a testament to God’s faithfulness, because your gift is matched with an Australian Government aid grant!

Baptist World Aid’s little trick of multiplication allows our Christian field partners to not just to continue, but also to increase their mission. And it is here, I would put it to you, that the greater miracle of multiplication occurs.

In Cambodia, I saw our Christian partners serving their communities using the simple resources provided to them. And here, again, multiplication occurred. Resources and training became skills, advocacy, and community support! In the end, the projects meant more to families than the benefits of community development alone – like more food and clean water. Multiplied, they became real reminders of hope and dignity. And that hope was fuelled by the love of God.

When you give to Matching Grant your generosity is multiplied, so that families you will probably never meet, can experience something of the fullness of life that God intends for all His children.

Somewhere in Kenya, a dad named Phillip has multiplied his livelihood and broken generational poverty for his whole family, all because a supporter like you made the decision to give to Matching Grant.

I am thankful for the Matching Grant appeal, because it helps our generosity to go further… but for a family like Phillip’s, it means even more than that. This seemingly simple trick can multiply real impact. And that means a hope and a future, where there was none before.

The inbreaking of the kingdom of God on earth… the real miracle of multiplication!