I was so hopeless…

Fulan is a young mother from Nepal. She collects grass to make rope to sell. But it’s a tough life for her.

Imagine working hard each day to buy a little rice… but it’s never enough to feed your children, who both have disabilities.

Or your husband who has tuberculosis and can’t work.

Or you… and you can’t help crying with despair.

You’re still almost a child yourself. Your marriage was arranged when you were 11. Now you’re struggling to support a family. You never finished school so your options are limited.

Fulan had no hope for the future. Only depression and fear.

Through your generosity, you can Be Hope to people like Fulan.

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See what happens when you Be Hope to families like Fulan’s

What does hope look like to Fulan and her family?

When you give generously this Christmas, you help turn despair into hope.

In Fulan’s case, she and her husband were able to get a loan to buy a rope-making machine. Instead of making 2kg of rope a day, she now makes at least 15kg a day.

So you give people like this young mother an income she and her family can actually live on. You give them hope.

Hope means Fulan can feed her family… instead of going hungry.

Hope means she can clothe her children… instead of going cold.

Hope means her husband can get medicine… instead of facing years of sickness.

Hope means now she can smile and rejoice… because of the blessing you give!

You can Be Hope to so many others like Fulan this Christmas.